Operation: Dragon slayer is a personal project started circa 2007. With a wide range of influences, from games like "Ring of Red" and "Front Mission" to films such as "Kelley's Heroes and "The Dirty Dozen", Operation: Dragon Slayer represents a distillation of various obsessions. My passions for history, mech design, story telling, and video games converge here. 

OPDS (for short) is conceived as a tactical RPG set during the WWII era, which includes both real time combat, and turn based strategy. 

In the Alternate History scenario of Operation: Dragon Slayer, mechs of various types and configuration battle alongside historically accurate WWII vehicles and unmounted soldiers. Experience the versatility of WWII mechs as you try out new weapons and payload configurations. 

Players can explore a deep single player campaign spanning across several major combat theaters of WWII, or go online and test your skills against other players with your choice of faction and battlefield.

In the main campaign, player will take control of several unique combat group leaders, developing skills in one or more of 7 specialized classes:

- Recon

- Armor
- Support
- Artillery
- Assault and Anti-Air
- Engineer
- Command

Gameplay takes place within 3 basic modes . . .

1) Preparation in an assembly area or HQ, where you organize your combat groups, acquire new units, vehicles, mechs, and weapons. Customize your vehicles' weapon load and appearance. 

2) Strategic movement of forces on a large battle map, where you will take turns against Axis forces in a deadly chess game -each piece on the board representing a different combat group. 

3) Enter combat from the perspective of your chosen group command vehicle, while other (AI controlled) friendly units assist you either by acting independently or following your specific orders.