THE campaign

An oddball gang united in the North African Desert... Six AWOL American soldiers find themselves in charge of the US Amy's latest walking tanks, originally addressed c/o General Bernard Montgomery as a counter to Rommel's surging Afrika Korps. Trapped deep behind enemy lines, a hard fight is their only way out. For these wayward soldiiers, the journey back to friendly lines goes all out FUBAR. 

One wrong turn dooms them to a path always farther from home, and deeper into a dark plot that lingers at the very heart of the Second World War. Following a trail of conspiracy, the odyssey will lead them and their armored giants out of Africa and far beyond; from the Mediterranean theatrer, to France's frozen Ardennes, occupied Eastern Europe, and ultimately to the secret Lairs of the War's clandestine engineers, hidden deep in Germany. 

At every milestone of the gang's journey,  a deadly force awaits -An elite Team of the Axis Power's finest Panzer Aces, commanding their own custom built "Panzer zu fuss".

Luckily for the stray Americans, a few more vagabonds of war join their fight: a dauntless British intelligence officer, a Free-French Resistance Fighter, a captured Polish tank jock, a downed RAF pilot, a Danish underground agent, a Scottish mercenary, a Czech Partisan, and even an Austrian defector.

ust as the German High Command seems uncannily aware of their every move, so too is the US defense department not utterly in the dark about the plight of its armored agents. Somewhere in the back rooms of Washington DC, the initiative is officially classified and given a name- OPERATION: DRAGON SLAYER